Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Eccentric, Comic and Popular Dance for Actors & Clowns in Barcelona June 2016

Eccentric, Comic and Popular Dance for Actors & Clowns in Barcelona June 2016

The Actors Space
6-12 June 2016 (inclusive of travel days) 
Fee: £300 / €400 inclusive of tuition, accommodation and meal

The Dorothy's Shoes daffy dance workshop is back in Barcelona for 2016!

This week-long intensive workshop looks at the many and various possible uses of popular dance forms in contemporary performance; investigates the vaudeville tradition and its applications in modern theatre, performance and clown; and explores the potential of eccentric dance in the creation of comic or grotesque characters. Specifically, students can expect to:

Learn basic skills in ‘stage dance’ 
Learn classic pre-existing Eccentric Dance routines, such as those popularised by Laurel & Hardy, and the legendary Sand Dance.  
Explore a number of popular dance rhythms such as Charleston, Tango, Jazz/Swing, Rumba-Bolero/Mambo and investigate how these can be used for theatrical or comic effect
Develop  their own clown or comic persona.

The workshop culminates in a cabaret evening.

This workshop was a fabulous success at the Actors Space in 2015, attended by a broad range of people with different experiences and talents who worked, played, danced, laughed and lived together for one fabulous week.

There will be  new routines for 2016 alongside the old favourites, so if you have previously taken part, come back! There will be a substantial fee reduction for course returners, or for previous students of other courses at The Actors Space.

Arrive: Monday 6 June 2016
Course: 5 days, Tuesday 7 – Saturday 11 June
Depart: Sunday 12 June

Please email for further information and to book. Call +44 7752 142526. See